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    Fairies in the Know wear House of Ellwand A few years back I ran across a fairies book that was so beautifully written that it became one of my favorites. It is called Fairie-ality. It is an illustrated picture book of the most unbelievable fairie clothes. These clothes are over the top in creativity and presentation. David Ellwand makes couture clothes out of flowers, seeds and leaves and feathers and oh my I was inspired!  David’s House of Ellwand is where the fairies in the know want to shop! His descriptions are as charming as the clothes themselves.

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    The Gnomist -The Healing Powers of Magic

    The Gnomist – the Healing Powers of Magic A Beautiful Video about the Healing Powers of Magic We know the power of having magical things that surround us. Its that feeling of wonder and awe. That childlike remembrance of possibilities and just believing! Sadly, we seem to be in such a hurry to get where we are going most of the time that we forget to slow down. Or just stop…and listen. This is when we will find something wonderful… where we least expected it, like the discovery of an enchanting place.

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    5 Of Our Favorite Fairie Beds

    Fairies have it so great! They get to sleep in some of the most magical places and with all of nature surrounding them.  In the forest they can find the best treasures that nature offers and so can you if you take the time to look. Here are 5 of our favorite beds that are dressed in some of the latest fairie faire!

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    Velvet Acorns

    First of all, Velvet Acorns are a wonderful fall gift. Nature has given us these beautiful little works of art that can be gathered up and put in a bowl or jar on the table and adding the velvet just makes them look like little gems. The look and shape of the acorn has been replicated in so many different ways. You can find them in all sizes and made of many different materials. Having a collection of all different types can make such a beautiful seasonal statement.

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    Garden Fairie Party

    This Garden Fairie Party was a success! When you get to go to a beautiful garden AND add fairies you have fun and wonder! To begin with, this garden belonging to Tonya Lemone of Lindon, Utah gives you a sense of awe.  Each path leads you to an enchanting place. Of course fairies want to live here! The garden was full of little houses placed around every corner and it was magical.

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