Fairie Houses

Magnolia Market’s Fairy Gardens

We made a trip recently to Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.  Chip & Joanna Gaines, hosts of HGTV’s hit remodeling show “Fixer Upper” are the owners of the Magnolia Market.

While there we had the pleasure of visiting their fairy gardens.  These are their wonderful little fairy gardens featured at Magnolia Market.  Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we did.



5 of our Favorite Fairie Doors

We love Fairie doors! And there are so many wonderful doors that inspired us…

We chose 5 of our favorite Fairie doors for this week.  We hope you agree that they are fun!


We love this door because it is rustic and still cute.

The moss and the Ladybugs add color and the door knocker and door handle are a great addition.

The bleached twigs around the door make it unique.

Its a door a Fairie would love!

Green lakeside door


This Fairie Door has so many great things about it. It feels lakeside rustic.

The door is shaped like a boat and is surrounded by natural things.

Pinecones and moss with a little porch overhang that has little fairie things that cutify it!

And of course the door takes you into the tree which is the perfect place for a fairie to live,

especially by a lake!

A perfect Fairies Summer Retreat.

5 favorite Fairie doors in hollowed out Tree


This Fairie door has so many fun things about it.

First, it is made from a log that is hollowed out by nature with shells for steps.

The porch roof is made using a forked branch and the door is tucked way inside making it feel cozy and protected.

Fairie door with lights

Mod Vintage Life

This Fairie door feels so fairy-esque.

It is small, rustic and the lights look like fireflies. It is such a sweet little door for a family of Fairies to come home to.

Moss and Acorn Fairie Door


We finish up with this really wonderful fairie door.

We could go on and on about it.  But you can see that it is just a beautiful door with all the things that make a fairie happy!

There are acorns, moss, leaves, a curled porch and painted green door.  The twig railings and stone path look inviting.  I wonder who lives there?

Don’t you love Fairie Doors!


Fall Fairie House

Its getting cooler and the days are becoming shorter.  If you want fairies in your garden or home to stay through the colder season they will need a warm place to live. I can’t imagine life without the fairies all year round!

So this project will be made from a nice warm pumpkin that I purchased at a craft store. I must say fairies are wild and natural. They love beautiful surroundings in there homes but the closer to nature things are the better.


With that said…I am starting with a ‘Funkin’ pumpkin. You can find these all over at this time of year. They aren’t painted with the best orange, so I decided to paint it with a deeper orange spray paint. I used Rustoleum 2X Satin Fire Orange. Then for added decorative accents I painted vines and leaves.

I took a kitchen knife and cut out a hole for the door, then two windows were cut out and painted to look like stones surrounding the openings on the door and windows.

The top of the Pumpkin House is a metal piece that I found in a clearance section of a craft store. It was a small lantern that I took apart. Then glued the little acorn on top. The stairs are from a branch that I found in my backyard and cut with a bandsaw. I curved them into a little spiral and glued them with wood glue. Then added a porch cover made from the branch that I cut in half.  The windows needed something fun so little sticks were glued in. These Funkin’ Pumpkins are easy to work with and the sticks were pushed in easily. The last thing added was a Fairy Stick wrapped in Embroidery Thread with dangling bells and a crystal for good luck.

I hope this inspires you to add a fall project to your garden or table top decoration.