• Elena Nuez, artist
    Crafts,  Fairie Art

    Create Art with Painted Leaves

    Do you know you can create art with painted leaves? I have been following this amazing artist, Elena Nuez and watching her turn simple leaves into works of art. This is simplicity at its finest. Surrounding ourselves with creativity is very important when wanting to live a life of wonder and magic. I hope these beautifully painted leaves inspires you and makes you smile. Here are just a few of her pictures. For more go to bicocacolors.blogspot.com

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  • Glasses for a Tree
    Fairie Furniture,  Fairie Gardens

    Add Whimsy to your Garden

    The most interesting and wonderful gardens have that bit of whimsy. A piece of art, a statue, a sign or arches and paths leading to seating tucked away waiting to be discovered. That tree above could have been an eyesore but instead it is a playful face with glasses and a planted hat! Tales from the Traveling Art Teacher shows how her students got very creative with their rocks and gives a list of the paint they used. This project would instantly add whimsy to any garden! You can also try painting a house on rocks. Placed around your garden, these rocks will brighten any space. Find some sticks or…

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  • Fairie Art,  Fairie Clothes


    Fairies in the Know wear House of Ellwand A few years back I ran across a fairies book that was so beautifully written that it became one of my favorites. It is called Fairie-ality. It is an illustrated picture book of the most unbelievable fairie clothes. These clothes are over the top in creativity and presentation. David Ellwand makes couture clothes out of flowers, seeds and leaves and feathers and oh my I was inspired!  David’s House of Ellwand is where the fairies in the know want to shop! His descriptions are as charming as the clothes themselves.

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