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  • Miniature mushroom magic
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    Miniature Mushroom Magic

    Mushrooms are everywhere. They remind us of how beautiful this world is. We can recreate miniature mushroom magic from driftwood, clay, fabric and all types of natural materials. We love them because they are magic! Miniature mushrooms pop up in all the best fairy gardens and now we can look at them as art in dioramas. Mushrooms, houses, stars and the Moon! A lovely little diorama with deep moody colors from Pixie Hill. A little display of mushrooms made of fabric. It is so simple and the colors are a cheerful promise of Spring. It would be a perfect little wallhanging. You can find more fun ideas at Nest in…

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  • Village of Fairy Houses
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    5 of the Most Beautiful Fairy Gardens

    These five Fairy Gardens are the most beautiful little gardens. They are all charming English and quaint little fairy villages. The plants and levels give great ideas for your own fairy gardens. This little English Garden is at the Winter Greenhouse. So sweet with all the plantings of miniature plants. If you would like to see some plants you can use go here and learn about all the miniatures out there. This little village looks like its ready for a celebration! Sweet little flags are through the whole village. It is set in a grassy knoll overlooking the festivities! This fairy garden has the most breathtaking miniature flower gardens flowing…

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  • Glasses for a Tree
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    Add Whimsy to your Garden

    The most interesting and wonderful gardens have that bit of whimsy. A piece of art, a statue, a sign or arches and paths leading to seating tucked away waiting to be discovered. That tree above could have been an eyesore but instead it is a playful face with glasses and a planted hat! Tales from the Traveling Art Teacher shows how her students got very creative with their rocks and gives a list of the paint they used. This project would instantly add whimsy to any garden! You can also try painting a house on rocks. Placed around your garden, these rocks will brighten any space. Find some sticks or…

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  • Make this Heart Wreath
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    Heart Wreath Tutorial made from Branches

    Isn’t it nice that at this time of year, when the weather can be gray, that Valentines Day comes along adding color and fun and love in the midst of it? I have made and sold these wonderful heart wreaths for many years. This red dogwood wreath can add a sweet bit of love to your front door or on a wall, bring the outdoors in and add a little whimsey! This wreath is made from dogwood branches but you could use any branches you find. I have used birch, oak and ash branches and they are beautiful! Get some friends together and have a heart wreath making party for…

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  • Fairy House under Glass
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    Elevate a Simple Object Under Glass

    A cloche, pronounced /kloshe/, is derived from the French word Bell. It is a clear glass dome that is used as a garden cover to protect tender seedlings from frost. If you see a French garden you will see a beautiful row of these beauties. It is also a beautiful way to elevate a simple objects. These lovely cloches are still used in gardens worldwide and can be used to elevate those most simple of objects. This next example of a simple object is so fun. A squirrel surrounded by nuts all under glass. Whimsical and fun for any season. This simple little caravan made of cardboard by artist Vera…

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  • fairy, pumpkin, halloween, black, fairy houses
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    Make your own Fairy Pumpkin House for Fall and Halloween

    It’s officially Fall!  So let’s get ready to decorate our gardens with Fairy Pumpkin houses for Halloween!  Since the weather is getting cooler and the evenings are getting shorter now is a great time to hunt for a real pumpkin to carve for this project or a Funkin Pumpkin from the craft or Dollar Store.  This pumpkin above has been painted black and hollowed out.  Every year our family has a pumpkin carving contest.  It is one of our highlights! Last year our team turned a little white pumpkin into a fairy carriage that lit up inside. It was really cute and the kids loved it. We take this contest…

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  • Stone fairy houses
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    How to make a Fairy Garden with Stone Houses

    There are so many different ways of making a Fairy Garden. Each garden is as individual as its owner. This Fairy Garden is one of my favorites because each little house is handmade out of cement. Diana, the owner of this fairy garden, has shared her techniques for making these charming little rustic fairy houses. She used templates to form the walls of the fairy houses and pressed rocks into the wet cement which gave it a rough texture. She doesn’t say exactly what mixture she used but Hypertufa could be used for this project and be lighter in weight. And, like cement, once it has cured it is safe…

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  • In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit
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    You Need Hobbit Houses in your Fairie Garden

    I want to live in a Hobbit house don’t you? The beautiful round door and the coziness of the fire and library. The table that seats so many for dinner….of course I am talking about the home of Bilbo Baggins! Stepping out into his garden and sitting on his bench. If we can’t live in one We need to add a Hobbit house in our Fairie Garden. I think everyone should have at least one Hobbit…ish looking house in their Fairie Garden. Maybe a whole little section of lovely little mounds with round doors. Here are some of my favorites for inspiration and a post that shows us a little…

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  • Are You Fairie Garden Ready?
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    Is Your Garden Fairie Ready?

    If you are getting ready to get your garden ready for fairies? There are so many magical things to add to your garden and one of the cutest are mushrooms. I have found some beautiful mushrooms that you can make yourself or purchase from talented artisans! These ideas will help you get your garden Fairie Ready… These little mushrooms are made with twigs and acorns. They are just the right size for a miniature garden. You can find the instructions for them here. These next two little mushrooms can be purchased on Etsy or you can make them from Sculpey. If you have never used Sculpey you will find that…

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  • Miniature plants
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    Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

    Have you been thinking about making a Fairy Garden of your own? There are so many different ways to accomplish this. You can use containers such as crates, buckets, wheelbarrows or drawers.  Or find a place in the yard or garden area that can be completely devoted to your miniature world of wonder! One of the first things to do is decide what scale of fairy garden you desire. It can be very small or a bit larger. It is all up to you.  Plants are such an essential part of any landscape and your fairy garden is no exception. Here is a wonderful article to get you started on choosing and…

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