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  • Miniature mushroom magic
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    Miniature Mushroom Magic

    Mushrooms are everywhere. They remind us of how beautiful this world is. We can recreate miniature mushroom magic from driftwood, clay, fabric and all types of natural materials. We love them because they are magic! Miniature mushrooms pop up in all the best fairy gardens and now we can look at them as art in dioramas. Mushrooms, houses, stars and the Moon! A lovely little diorama with deep moody colors from Pixie Hill. A little display of mushrooms made of fabric. It is so simple and the colors are a cheerful promise of Spring. It would be a perfect little wallhanging. You can find more fun ideas at Nest in…

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  • Elena Nuez, artist
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    Create Art with Painted Leaves

    Do you know you can create art with painted leaves? I have been following this amazing artist, Elena Nuez and watching her turn simple leaves into works of art. This is simplicity at its finest. Surrounding ourselves with creativity is very important when wanting to live a life of wonder and magic. I hope these beautifully painted leaves inspires you and makes you smile. Here are just a few of her pictures. For more go to bicocacolors.blogspot.com

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    Little Fairies Everywhere

    It is that time of year when little fairies are everywhere and ready for a fairy themed party. Make a little magic by inviting little fairies to come celebrate the warm afternoons and evenings with games and activities dressed in their fairy costume best. What could more fun than having a Fairy party just for fun. If you have little ones who love to dress up then this party will be the highlight of the summer. Let’s begin with the costumes. This little Snail costume above is so sweet and unique with a tail that lights up. Both of these little snail costumes are wonderful don’t you think? Every fairy…

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  • Forest Fairy Book Nook
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    Magical Fairy Book Nooks

    You can make a place for a magical fairy book nook between your books or nestled next to your favorite objects on a shelf. There are so many lovely fairy book nooks to buy or to make! Im always looking for new examples of them and I am sharing with you a few new ones that are magical! This is a sweet fairy garden book nook that is full of moss and trees and lights. Would be so nice nestled in-between your other fairy collection. This little fairy door is so magical with lights and a pathway lined with planted pots. Love this little elf sitting in his house in…

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  • Fairy House under Glass
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    Elevate a Simple Object Under Glass

    A cloche, pronounced /kloshe/, is derived from the French word Bell. It is a clear glass dome that is used as a garden cover to protect tender seedlings from frost. If you see a French garden you will see a beautiful row of these beauties. It is also a beautiful way to elevate a simple objects. These lovely cloches are still used in gardens worldwide and can be used to elevate those most simple of objects. This next example of a simple object is so fun. A squirrel surrounded by nuts all under glass. Whimsical and fun for any season. This simple little caravan made of cardboard by artist Vera…

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  • Make these Christmas mushrooms
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    Make These Christmas Mushroom Decorations for Gifts and Decking the Halls

    Some of the most magical Christmas fairy decorations are the toadstools or mushrooms that hang on trees, garlands or just added to a Christmas fairy vignette. We have assembled a few of the best patterns and tutorials to make these Christmas mushroom decorations to give as gifts or for decking the halls. They are made of spun cotton, linen, scraps of velvet and felt. Below are Spun cotton mushrooms that are made using cotton balls. The instructions are easy to follow and you will learn a new skill using spun cotton that you can use for other creations. Below is an amazing mushroom pattern and tutorial to help you create…

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  • Fairie Dining Room
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    Fairie Rooms I want to Live in!

    If I were a Fairie I would want to live in a snug, enchanting room in a tree surrounded by little lights and wonderful unique furniture that would be made by fairy artisans of the finest woods. I have compiled some of the best Fairie rooms around! The kitchen is the heart of the home so this is where the tour begins! This entryway is full of a fairies favorite things. Great art, loved objects and a unique lamp. A beautiful corner in this fairy house with flowers on the walls and a vignette of favorite loved things. This sitting room has two beautiful chairs to sit and chat on…

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  • Fairy Dress made by Miss Clara
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    Fairy Couture

    Fairy Couture is the art of combining texture, color, embellishment and beauty into one simple and elegant style. We have put together some stunning little works of art. Each piece is unique and well crafted…enjoy! The first dress you see above has a gathered bodice with a simple linen skirt over which is layered a lavender skirt open at the front with ruffled pleats. It is a design by Miss Clara. The flowers at the left shoulder and branch of fall leaves is beautiful. To see more of her work go here. Miss Clara at lescarnetsdemissclara.blogspot is a master of the couture! This lavender shoe is so detailed with dried…

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  • Paper Houses
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    Make these Paper Houses with your Kids Today!

    You finished Home Schooling for today. Now you need a craft to keep your kids and yourself happy and busy. This is an easy and fun craft you can do with leftover scrapbooking paper, paper bags, printer paper or whatever other creative paper you can find! The more inventive the better! These paper houses were made from scrapbooking paper I have saved over the years. These were put on a mobile to hang in a nursery but they can be made and lined up on a shelf or mantle. There are stars intermingled with the houses here and hung with cotton butcher string that can be found at your hobby…

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  • Clock assemblage
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    Make A Fairy Vignette From Vintage Alarm Clocks

    There is nothing better than an old round alarm clock that stands on legs. It’s no wonder no one uses them to wake up to anymore. They were awful! Im sure they gave more than a few people real heart attacks first thing in the morning! Fortunately now we have whatever sound we want to get us moving so we can transform those pretty little round faces into fairy houses or miniature vignettes. This little green garden vignette with a swing is one of my favorites. Its a beautiful evening to swing outside and watch the stars. Michelle at Crafty Mix will show you how to make this cute swing…

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