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    Little Fairies Everywhere

    It is that time of year when little fairies are everywhere and ready for a fairy themed party. Make a little magic by inviting little fairies to come celebrate the warm afternoons and evenings with games and activities dressed in their fairy costume best. What could more fun than having a Fairy party just for fun. If you have little ones who love to dress up then this party will be the highlight of the summer. Let’s begin with the costumes. This little Snail costume above is so sweet and unique with a tail that lights up. Both of these little snail costumes are wonderful don’t you think? Every fairy…

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    Fairies in the Know wear House of Ellwand A few years back I ran across a fairies book that was so beautifully written that it became one of my favorites. It is called Fairie-ality. It is an illustrated picture book of the most unbelievable fairie clothes. These clothes are over the top in creativity and presentation. David Ellwand makes couture clothes out of flowers, seeds and leaves and feathers and oh my I was inspired!  David’s House of Ellwand is where the fairies in the know want to shop! His descriptions are as charming as the clothes themselves.

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  • Fairy shoes made from lambs ear and pods. Get the patterns for these shoes|fairiehollow.com
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    Fairy Shoes Made from Natural Garden Objects

    Fairie Shoes You can make. Look what we found in the forest today……fairies must be afoot! You can make these Fairie Shoes with the pattern below. Use card stock to make the base.  Cut out and tape the top of the shoe to the bottom with masking tape. The shoes are made with Lambs Ear. If you aren’t familiar with Lambs Ear it is an herb with leaves that are a velvety soft light sage green color. The leaves are big enough to work around the shoe base. The leaves can be put on with any white glue. You can see on the shoes below that they were embellished with pompoms,…

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