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    Fairie Ferris Wheel For The Garden

    Just in time for the fairiefest is this ferris wheel made from a collection of vintage spice cans. The ferris wheel itself is a wire electrical spool found at a little store when I was traveling. Some of the best things I have found have been sitting in a corner of a store or in the yard where no one looks. I drilled holes through each can and wired them to the wheel.   The base is a round metal tin.  I simply turned it upside down and it became a sturdy base to attach the spindles to.

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    The Fall Fairie Circus Is In Town

    There is a feeling in the air. A shift in the sun and a breeze from another direction. The Fairie Circus is on its way.  A striped tent is going up in the hollow and the buzzing sounds of laughter can be heard in the cool of the night. There are flickers of light all around as the circus takes shape. Fireflies and fairies can be seen busy with the preparations. What a wonderful time of year. It is the beginning of the Fall Fairiefest. When fairies from all over the world travel to the hollow for a week of socializing and story telling and potion sharing. It will be…

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    Pumpkin Fairy Carriage

          Enchanted Pumpkin Fairy Carriage I found this Gold Distressed Metal Pumpkin Carriage and had to have it!  It looks just like a fairy carriage and I knew when I saw it that I would be able to use it in the house or outside in the fairy garden. It was a nice metal but I wanted some color to use in the garden.

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    FairieHollow thoughts

    FairieHollow is a place that can be found only when you let yourself believe. Children understand almost at once. But the older we become the longer it takes to remember what it means to believe without the smallest bit of hesitation. Live your life without doubts. Be open to the magical and mysterious opportunities that are all around you. Just believe. When I was a child joy came easily. It was in everyday living. Make believe was real. Mud pies, frogs, turtles, stars, houses within rows of trees. Fairies and other magical creatures were right there with me. Joy comes when you let go of all those things that others…

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