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f205FairieHollow is a place that can be found only when you let yourself believe. Children understand almost at once. But the older we become the longer it takes to remember what it means to believe without the smallest bit of hesitation.

Live your life without doubts. Be open to the magical and mysterious opportunities that are all around you. Just believe.

When I was a child joy came easily. It was in everyday living. Make believe was real. Mud pies, frogs, turtles, stars, houses within rows of trees. Fairies and other magical creatures were right there with me.

Joy comes when you let go of all those things that others tell you, you must do and not believe. When you look at the stars at night you can see that there is so much more that we are apart of that we can’t see but is there none the less.

It is a place in our mind and heart that is simple and pure and joyful. It is magic. Surround yourself with whimsical objects that bring you joy.f207

Fairies are real. They have been seen by those who believe they are real. Only you can  feel the magic. You can read about it and try and feel what someone else feels. But the wonderful and unseen only shows itself when you are open and not expecting it.

Fairie gardens can bring not only joy but fairies too. If you take the time to make a beautiful and welcoming place you will be rewarded.            



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I am a lover of all things fairy. I design and create items for the garden and home to attract fairy friends. I like sharing instructions and crafts on fairy related topics and gardening.