Pumpkin Fairy Carriage

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Fairie Gardens, Fairie Tutorials




Enchanted Pumpkin Fairy Carriage

I found this Gold Distressed Metal Pumpkin Carriage and had to have it!  It looks just like a fairy carriage and I knew when I saw it that I would be able to use it in the house or outside in the fairy garden. It was a nice metal but I wanted some color to use in the garden.

 Gold metal pumpkin fairy carriage found on Amazon. fairiehollow.com

I grabbed the paint and added color. I think it is exactly what the fairies would want for the annual Fall Fairiefest! I used orange, blue and green craft acrylic paint and sealed it with a spray lacquer.

The gold is nice but don’t you think the color makes it look more unique? I can’t wait to place it in the garden…Think of the possibilities!

enchanted metal fairy pumpkin-carriage painted orange and green with vines

DIY fairy pumpkin carriage painted orange with green wheels. fairiehollow.com