• Miniature mushroom magic
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    Miniature Mushroom Magic

    Mushrooms are everywhere. They remind us of how beautiful this world is. We can recreate miniature mushroom magic from driftwood, clay, fabric and all types of natural materials. We love them because they are magic! Miniature mushrooms pop up in all the best fairy gardens and now we can look at them as art in dioramas. Mushrooms, houses, stars and the Moon! A lovely little diorama with deep moody colors from Pixie Hill. A little display of mushrooms made of fabric. It is so simple and the colors are a cheerful promise of Spring. It would be a perfect little wallhanging. You can find more fun ideas at Nest in…

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  • Nature

    Fresh and Natural Holiday Decorating

    The Season for Winter and Holiday decorating is upon us. Using fresh and Natural foliage can add a calm and serene feeling. Evergreen branches, twigs, pinecones, berries and any natural element is right outside your own door if you live near nature. Or if you are living in a more urban setting take the opportunity to take a stroll in a nearby park or adventure out of the city to find bits and pieces of nature to bring home. Begin at your front door. A fragrant and unique wreath made from evergreens, pinecones and acorns will be a welcoming gift for you and your guests. A swag from found natural…

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  • Glasses for a Tree
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    Add Whimsy to your Garden

    The most interesting and wonderful gardens have that bit of whimsy. A piece of art, a statue, a sign or arches and paths leading to seating tucked away waiting to be discovered. That tree above could have been an eyesore but instead it is a playful face with glasses and a planted hat! Tales from the Traveling Art Teacher shows how her students got very creative with their rocks and gives a list of the paint they used. This project would instantly add whimsy to any garden! You can also try painting a house on rocks. Placed around your garden, these rocks will brighten any space. Find some sticks or…

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  • mossy bed lanterns bedspread
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    5 Of Our Favorite Fairie Beds

    Fairies have it so great! They get to sleep in some of the most magical places and with all of nature surrounding them.  In the forest they can find the best treasures that nature offers and so can you if you take the time to look. Here are 5 of our favorite beds that are dressed in some of the latest fairie faire!

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    Velvet Acorns

    First of all, Velvet Acorns are a wonderful fall gift. Nature has given us these beautiful little works of art that can be gathered up and put in a bowl or jar on the table and adding the velvet just makes them look like little gems. The look and shape of the acorn has been replicated in so many different ways. You can find them in all sizes and made of many different materials. Having a collection of all different types can make such a beautiful seasonal statement.

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