Fairy door Ann Arbor Michigan
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Urban Fairy Doors Make Magic in Ann Arbor

Pink fairy door
Gifts for fairies in front of a pink fairy door in Ann Arbor

There is wonderful magic afoot in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Urban Fairy Doors are magically popping up all over the city. Click on the pictures and see where they are.

These fairy doors can be found by downloading a map of their current whereabouts.

Read this amazing story about the very creative Urban-Fairy that is behind the magic! It all began at this Urban-Fairies own home and has grown into a city wide adventure. So inspiring!

Red fairy door
Giving a gift to the fairies

Learn how we can be fairy-ologists in our own city or neighborhood or even garden.  It just takes a little imagination and childlike vision to get going.

Fairy Door with closed sign
Fairy door with closed sign.

These beautifully crafted doors are a tradition that has been going on for years now.  If you live in Ann Arbor, Lucky You!

What a fun way to spend a day!

Fairy door in Ann Arbor with passerby | fairiehollow.com
Fairy Door with Passerby in Ann Arbor

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