• Miniature mushroom magic
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    Miniature Mushroom Magic

    Mushrooms are everywhere. They remind us of how beautiful this world is. We can recreate miniature mushroom magic from driftwood, clay, fabric and all types of natural materials. We love them because they are magic! Miniature mushrooms pop up in all the best fairy gardens and now we can look at them as art in dioramas. Mushrooms, houses, stars and the Moon! A lovely little diorama with deep moody colors from Pixie Hill. A little display of mushrooms made of fabric. It is so simple and the colors are a cheerful promise of Spring. It would be a perfect little wallhanging. You can find more fun ideas at Nest in…

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  • Forest fairy mushroom cookie
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    Fairy Party Foods from the Forest

    For your next Fairy Party try making these sweet treats that look like they came from the forest. There are mushrooms that look so real along with Acorn cookies and edible leaves sprinkled with sugar. The recipes are for the accomplished baker as well as the beginner. Some are easy recipes with just a few ingredients while others are for the adventurous. They are all worth trying for your next forest fairy party. These realistic mushrooms come from a Russian cookbook. These little mushroom cookies were called gribochki, which in Russian literally means “small mushrooms”. Aren’t they fantastic? Here is another example of the Russian tradition of gribochki. or the little mushroom…

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    Little Fairies Everywhere

    It is that time of year when little fairies are everywhere and ready for a fairy themed party. Make a little magic by inviting little fairies to come celebrate the warm afternoons and evenings with games and activities dressed in their fairy costume best. What could more fun than having a Fairy party just for fun. If you have little ones who love to dress up then this party will be the highlight of the summer. Let’s begin with the costumes. This little Snail costume above is so sweet and unique with a tail that lights up. Both of these little snail costumes are wonderful don’t you think? Every fairy…

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  • DIY Mushrooms for you to Craft
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    DIY Mushrooms for you to Craft

    You can make mushrooms from felt, velvet, linen and wool, crocheted, knitted and painted, cement, paper mache, ceramic…have I forgotten any ways of creating them? I have put together some of the best ways of making mushrooms. There are free patterns and tutorials. Here are some great DIY mushrooms for you to craft. I hope you find just what you are looking for to make your mushroom dreams come true! If you can crochet then the next few examples of mushrooms will be just for you! Click the link here for the red and white crochet mushrooms. Click the link here for the Crochet mini mushrooms. The next 3 DIY…

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