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A look at the fairies gardens around us.

  • Village of Fairy Houses
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    5 of the Most Beautiful Fairy Gardens

    These five Fairy Gardens are the most beautiful little gardens. They are all charming English and quaint little fairy villages. The plants and levels give great ideas for your own fairy gardens. This little English Garden is at the Winter Greenhouse. So sweet with all the plantings of miniature plants. If you would like to see some plants you can use go here and learn about all the miniatures out there. This little village looks like its ready for a celebration! Sweet little flags are through the whole village. It is set in a grassy knoll overlooking the festivities! This fairy garden has the most breathtaking miniature flower gardens flowing…

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  • circus fairie house
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    Garden Fairie Party

    This Garden Fairie Party was a success! When you get to go to a beautiful garden AND add fairies you have fun and wonder! To begin with, this garden belonging to Tonya Lemone of Lindon, Utah gives you a sense of awe.  Each path leads you to an enchanting place. Of course fairies want to live here! The garden was full of little houses placed around every corner and it was magical.

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