Magical Forest Fairy House
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5 Magical Forest Fairy Houses

We think we have 5 Magical Forest Fairy Houses that you will love. Fairy friends live in magical forests or in outdoor spaces that fit them. There are gardens that can be a perfect background for these special little beings too. You can turn an area of your garden or yard into that forest-like feeling just by adding a few things like bark and moss.  The houses shown below can be found on Etsy and we thank this talented artist ‘maryfontones’ for her 5 magical forest fairy houses.

This first house is such a great mixture of natural materials and paint and fabric. The banner really adds color and fun and the moss makes the roof soft and ready for fireflies.

5 Magical Forest Fairy houses that will inspire you to make your own |
Magical Forest house with banner

5 Magical Forest Fairy houses that will inspire you to make your own |
Forest Fairy Writers Retreat

This Fairy Writers Retreat is so wonderful!  I’m sure many a good Fairy novel has been written here. in that little twig chair next to the fireplace. The reds in the rug and sofa give it such a cozy feeling….so lovely…

5 Magical Forest Fairy House Pink door inspire make |
Pink Door Fairy House

The pink door on this fairy house sees so feminine and welcoming. You know a very special fairy would want to live here. A snowy dat outside and I imagine a warm furry rug in front of the fire.

5 Magical Forest Fairy Houses Blue fairy house blue sticks windows pink banner inspire make |
Blue Fairy House

This blue roof makes such a difference to the whole house with windows that compliment all the colors of the fairy house.

5 Magical Forest Fairy Houses Purple inspire make |
Purple Fairy House

What fairy could resist this purple home in its natural setting yet full of color. Each room has its own personality. The top room seems to have a window that lets the light through and shows a pattern. The little staircase that leads upstairs looks like it may take you to another hidden room.

Aren’t Fairies lucky! They get to choose any of these 5 magical fairy houses to live in!

I am a lover of all things fairy. I design and create items for the garden and home to attract fairy friends. I like sharing instructions and crafts on fairy related topics and gardening.