• Gretta the Gnome
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    A Gnomes Life

    Why do we humans have such a love for gnomes?  They are always seen as mischievous little men with buxom ladies.  Is it the little pointy hats that are always red unless someone dares to paint them a wrong color.  Or their white hair that gives them wisdom.  Could it be their red and green clothes that remind us of Christmas and magic?  Whatever it is, gnomes are loved that’s for sure!  We have them in our gardens to add whimsey, we make them out of socks and hang them on our Christmas trees.  They are everywhere and seem to only get more popular each year.  When you look at…

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  • Fairie Dining Room
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    Fairie Rooms I want to Live in!

    If I were a Fairie I would want to live in a snug, enchanting room in a tree surrounded by little lights and wonderful unique furniture that would be made by fairy artisans of the finest woods. I have compiled some of the best Fairie rooms around! The kitchen is the heart of the home so this is where the tour begins! This entryway is full of a fairies favorite things. Great art, loved objects and a unique lamp. A beautiful corner in this fairy house with flowers on the walls and a vignette of favorite loved things. This sitting room has two beautiful chairs to sit and chat on…

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  • Haunted Vintage Trailer
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    Our Favorite DIY Halloween Miniature Paper Decorations

    October is the month for the spooky, the orange and the black, full moons and the best decorations. If you have been a scrapbooker you know the joys of all the amazing papers out there. If you have not worked with scrap book paper you are missing out. We want to introduce you to the joy of mixed media to DIY your own Halloween Miniature Paper Decorations. Paper is an inexpensive way to create little works of art. One of these amazing paper companies is called Graphic 45. The piece above and the net few are made using their papers. Pam Bray is a guest artist for Graphic 45 who…

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