• In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit
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    You Need Hobbit Houses in your Fairie Garden

    I want to live in a Hobbit house don’t you? The beautiful round door and the coziness of the fire and library. The table that seats so many for dinner….of course I am talking about the home of Bilbo Baggins! Stepping out into his garden and sitting on his bench. If we can’t live in one We need to add a Hobbit house in our Fairie Garden. I think everyone should have at least one Hobbit…ish looking house in their Fairie Garden. Maybe a whole little section of lovely little mounds with round doors. Here are some of my favorites for inspiration and a post that shows us a little…

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  • Are You Fairie Garden Ready?
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    Is Your Garden Fairie Ready?

    If you are getting ready to get your garden ready for fairies? There are so many magical things to add to your garden and one of the cutest are mushrooms. I have found some beautiful mushrooms that you can make yourself or purchase from talented artisans! These ideas will help you get your garden Fairie Ready… These little mushrooms are made with twigs and acorns. They are just the right size for a miniature garden. You can find the instructions for them here. These next two little mushrooms can be purchased on Etsy or you can make them from Sculpey. If you have never used Sculpey you will find that…

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  • Miniature plants
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    Miniature Plants for Fairy Gardens

    Have you been thinking about making a Fairy Garden of your own? There are so many different ways to accomplish this. You can use containers such as crates, buckets, wheelbarrows or drawers.  Or find a place in the yard or garden area that can be completely devoted to your miniature world of wonder! One of the first things to do is decide what scale of fairy garden you desire. It can be very small or a bit larger. It is all up to you.  Plants are such an essential part of any landscape and your fairy garden is no exception. Here is a wonderful article to get you started on choosing and…

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