Sweet and Easy Fairy Parties

by | Sep 26, 2020 | Blog, Crafts, Fairie Tutorials, Fairy Party Ideas

A little fairy enjoying the party.

Every Fairy Party needs sweet and easy fairy treats. After all sweet treats are what help make the magic happen! Whatever fairy party theme you decide on there are many different and unique ideas that are sure to be a special part of the day. Here a a few ideas for you to try.


There are outdoor rustic fairy parties that include eating strawberry and marshmallow mushrooms while sitting on a log at a table laid out with moss and all natural treats.

Table Setting for outdoor Fairy Party
Soft Pink Forest Fairy Party

Above show two different Forest Fairy table settings each one beautiful. Showing how one idea can be presented so differently.

Cookie Wands

There are the very soft and fluffy fairy parties that include tutu’s and magic edible cookie wands, face painting with glittering designs and cotton candy in all pastel colors.

A fairy party that includes fairies and Peter Pans’ Lost boys must have its own colorful chocolate pretzels covered with magic sprinkles to help lift you off the ground!

Pink Chocolate covered pretzels
Cotton Candy Cupcakes

As well as teepee treats and of course an alligator! Fairies and Pirates go hand in hand here. Tinkerbells and Peter Pans, mermaids, Indians, and your very own Nana never grow old at this party!

Peter Pan Tiger Lily Teepee Treats

And what Peter Pan and the Lost Boys party would be complete without Captain Hook! Peter Pan wouldn’t be a hero without him so why not add some of these Captain Hook cake pops.

Captain Hook Cake Pops

We couldn’t find the exact instructions for these cake pops but go here for how to make a basic cake pop then add the little hooks on top.

Peter Pan Party Ideas

If you are interested in doing a Peter Pan party complete with decorations and additional treats like the one above visit Kara and get all the goods!

Whichever fairy party is your favorite we hope these ideas for themes and treats have inspired you to have fun!