5 of our Favorite Fairie Doors

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Fairie Doors

Don’t you love Fairie doors!  There are so many rustic fairy doors that inspired us…

We chose 5 of our Favorite Fairie Doors for this week and hope you agree that they are fun and magical!  All of these doors can be recreated by you if you take the time to gather up supplies from nature.

This rustic fairy door is made of driftwood, moss and ladybugs.5 of our favorite fairy doors to inspire you | fairiehollow.com

This door is rustic and earthy with its light driftwood colors.

The moss and the Ladybugs add color and the door knocker and door handle make a nice balance of rustic and elegance.

The bleached twigs around the door is so beautiful.  Nature really does provide so much beauty if we look for it.

Its a favorite rustic and inspiring door any Fairie would love!

Green lakeside door. 5 of our favorite fairy doors to inspire you | fairiehollow.com


Above, is a Fairie Door that has so many great things about it. It feels lakeside rustic.

The door is shaped like a boat and is surrounded by natural things that you can find anywhere.

Pinecones and moss with a little porch overhang that has little fairie things that make it rustic!

And of course the door takes you into the tree which is the perfect place for a fairy to live, especially by a lake!

A perfect Fairies Summer Retreat.

5 favorite Fairie doors in hollowed out Tree. 5 of our favorite fairy doors to inspire you|fairiehollow.com


Next is a Fairie door has so many great natural elements.

First, it is made from a log that is hollowed out by nature with shells for steps. All of these items from nature can be found on a walk through a wooded area.  The shells can be found at the beach as well as driftwood used at the top of the door to recreate this rustic fairy door.

The porch roof is made using a forked branch and the door is tucked way inside making it feel cozy and protected.

Fairie door with lights. 5 of our favorite fairy doors to inspire you|fairiehollow.com

Mod Vintage Life

This Favorite Fairie door feels so fairy-esque. The bark is the star of this door along with the little lights. The rounded door with the light showing through makes you want to peek inside.

It is small, rustic and the lights look like fireflies. It is such a sweet little door for a family of Fairies to come home to.

Moss and Acorn Fairie Door.5 of our favorite fairy doors to inspire you | fairiehollow.com


We finish up with the last of our 5 Favorite Fairie Doors.

I could go on and on about this door.  You can see that it is just a beautiful door with all the things that make a fairie happy!

This door has acorns, moss, leaves, a curled porch and painted green door.  The hinges and hardware are perfect for the style of the door. The twig railings and stone path look inviting as well as the little logs standing in front. Plus, the setting of the door next to the tree adds that rustic look that inspires us.  This door is one of the most popular doors on Pinterest and I think we can see why!

Don’t you love Rustic Fairie Doors!