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    Elevate a Simple Object Under Glass

    A cloche, pronounced /kloshe/, is derived from the French word Bell. It is a clear glass dome that is used as a garden cover to protect tender seedlings from frost. If you see a French garden you will see a beautiful row of these beauties. It is also a beautiful way to elevate a simple objects. These lovely cloches are still used in gardens worldwide and can be used to elevate those most simple of objects. This next example of a simple object is so fun. A squirrel surrounded by nuts all under glass. Whimsical and fun for any season. This simple little caravan made of cardboard by artist Vera…

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  • Magical Forest Fairy House
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    5 Magical Forest Fairy Houses

    We think we have 5 Magical Forest Fairy Houses that you will love. Fairy friends live in magical forests or in outdoor spaces that fit them. There are gardens that can be a perfect background for these special little beings too. You can turn an area of your garden or yard into that forest-like feeling just by adding a few things like bark and moss.  The houses shown below can be found on Etsy and we thank this talented artist ‘maryfontones’ for her 5 magical forest fairy houses. This first house is such a great mixture of natural materials and paint and fabric. The banner really adds color and fun…

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    Make your own Fairy Pumpkin House for Fall and Halloween

    It’s officially Fall!  So let’s get ready to decorate our gardens with Fairy Pumpkin houses for Halloween!  Since the weather is getting cooler and the evenings are getting shorter now is a great time to hunt for a real pumpkin to carve for this project or a Funkin Pumpkin from the craft or Dollar Store.  This pumpkin above has been painted black and hollowed out.  Every year our family has a pumpkin carving contest.  It is one of our highlights! Last year our team turned a little white pumpkin into a fairy carriage that lit up inside. It was really cute and the kids loved it. We take this contest…

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