Fairie Gardens, Hobbit Houses

You Need Hobbit Houses in your Fairie Garden

I want to live in a Hobbit house don’t you? The beautiful round door and the coziness of the fire and library. The table that seats so many for dinner….of course I am talking about the home of Bilbo Baggins! Stepping out into his garden and sitting on his bench. If we can’t live in… Read More You Need Hobbit Houses in your Fairie Garden


Velvet Acorns

First of all, Velvet Acorns are a wonderful fall gift. Nature has given us these beautiful little works of art that can be gathered up and put in a bowl or jar on the table and adding the velvet just makes them look like little gems. The look and shape of the acorn has been… Read More Velvet Acorns

Fairie Doors

5 of our Favorite Fairie Doors

We love Fairie doors! And there are so many wonderful doors that inspired us… We chose 5 of our favorite Fairie doors for this week.  We hope you agree that they are fun and magical!