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Make Your Own Fairy Caravan

Make your own fairy caravan out of willow bird nests. You can find them at your local garden center. I found two different shapes. One is short and round with a removable top, the other is taller with a pointy top. Both have nice square openings in the front for birds and are perfect for a little door.

Acorn Pink Fairy Caravan

The pink caravan was one of the first caravans that I made. I found the rusty metal wheels on Ebay. Acorns are added because they are functional and earthy! Tinsel is wrapped around the top and a vine made with muslin wraps around.

The door is made from wide popsicle sticks that are glued together. There are tutorials on Pinterest to make these doors. It’s a very easy project. Then paint a raw umber wash over it and embellish it with a snail shell and bark.

Birdcage Blue Fairy Caravan

The blue fairy caravan was made like the pink caravan. They both started out a natural willow color. Both were painted with a wash of umber acrylic paint.

This one has a little awning made from a wide burlap ribbon that is glued to a wire frame. I added a little birdcage hanging on it. On the top of the acorn I drilled a little hole to put in a little muslin flag on a stick.

It has the same metal wheels as the pink caravan with a popsicle stick door and is embellished with a bead and little round slice from a branch.

It is a creative and fun little project to add to your fairy gardens!

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