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Make these Paper Houses with your Kids Today!

Make these Paper Houses with your Kids Today!

You finished Home Schooling for today. Now you need a craft to keep your kids and yourself happy and busy. This is an easy and fun craft you can do with leftover scrapbooking paper, paper bags, printer paper or whatever other creative paper you can…

Make A Fairy Vignette From Vintage Alarm Clocks

Make A Fairy Vignette From Vintage Alarm Clocks

There is nothing better than an old round alarm clock that stands on legs. It’s no wonder no one uses them to wake up to anymore. They were awful! Im sure they gave more than a few people real heart attacks first thing in the…

Book Nooks for Fairies

Book Nooks for Fairies

If you have a library or even a book case with a few books you need a Book Nook for the fairies in your house. What a magical feeling to see these little alley ways and secret places placed in just the right spot in your home!

This first book nook is from Harry Potter. It’s Diagon Alley where wizards buy their broomsticks and owls! It was made by a talented artist who really took the time to add beautiful details. You can see more pictures and find out how to get one of your own here!

Diagon Alley

Next is a Fairy Forest Book Nook. It would be so fun mixed in among Gardening Books. I even think this little book nook would be an easy one to start if you wanted to try making your own. A few branches and twigs, moss and battery operated fairy lights and the possibilities are endless! Maybe even a little fairy near the back or some mushrooms?

Fairy Forest Book Nook

This next book nook shows what a book nook looks like before placing it between books. It is a Loft Book Nook. Very cute!

Loft Book Nook

Those little pictures on the wall and the branch growing inside with books on the table. And those windows! This could go between your novels and could tell a story of its own! If you want to learn more about this little loft go here.

This next moody little book nook takes you to a long ago book shop on an off street of London. Not too many people know about this little shop and that’s just the way they like it. This would be great nestled between a Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christy novel! Read more about this book nook trend here.

Brick Book Shoppe Book Nook

The last book nook looks like it leads you to an Arabian Market. The stone walls and balcony with the ladder at the ready feels like Indiana Jones has just been here! This new trend in the world of miniatures makes me smile. Find out why the owner of this book nook placed it in this very special place on his bookshelf here. There will definitely be a book nook in my future!

Fantasy Book Nook
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Make your own Fairy Pumpkin House for Fall and Halloween

Make your own Fairy Pumpkin House for Fall and Halloween

It’s officially Fall!  So let’s get ready to decorate our gardens with Fairy Pumpkin houses for Halloween!  Since the weather is getting cooler and the evenings are getting shorter now is a great time to hunt for a real pumpkin to carve for this project or a Funkin Pumpkin from the craft or Dollar Store.  This pumpkin above has been painted black and hollowed out. 

Every year our family has a pumpkin carving contest.  It is one of our highlights! Last year our team turned a little white pumpkin into a fairy carriage that lit up inside. It was really cute and the kids loved it.

pumpkin fairy carriage
Pumpkin Carriage

We take this contest very seriously and the pumpkins we carve are really amazing!  The Pumpkin Carriage on your left is very similar to what we made. I also made a Fairy Carriage from metal so if you want a fairy carriage that is more permanent you can check out this post from last year.

white, fairy pumpkin, Halloween, fairy garden
White Fairy Halloween Pumpkin

Adding something kids will want to see at your house for Halloween can be so much fun.  It can be a Fall Pumpkin Garden with lights and Pumpkin Houses. They are really easy to make and fun to decorate.  You can buy the Funkins in orange or white and I have even seen black and turquoise ones.  You can mix real pumpkins with them too.  There are plenty of little lights that you can also add to the garden and some that even blink.

Imagine a little area in front that the neighborhood children can see when they come Trick or Treating!

Inspire yourself with a new idea. These pumpkins are all different but you can see how they are similar to create.

Michaels has some really cute miniatures for Halloween that you can start collecting and adding to each year.

You can find the little pumpkins to sit on the grass and little ghosts and fences, and beds. There were little black trees and all the different colored mosses as well.

You will get a flood of ideas!

fairy, Halloween gazebo
Fairy Halloween Gazebo

This little Halloween Fairy display at left is in a gazebo. It has miniature pumpkins, a broom, little books in the corner, a table made of  a spool, candles and a fortune tellers ball.

So many ideas for the Halloween Fairy garden. The detail is wonderful!

fairy, pumpkin, fall, Halloween
Fairy Fall Pumpkin

There are also bottle brush trees that you can dye yourself or buy in oranges, black,  purples and greens and reds. I found some in the Holiday section at Lowes to dye.

They come in a package in their Christmas section, which sadly, is already up. There are lots of instructions online to help you get started.

This pumpkin on the right is a real pumpkin that has been carved to look like a little outdoor sitting area for fall fairy nights. A little bench close to the fire to stay warm.

A friend of mine taught me how to make a black Halloween tree this year out of dowels and cheap greenery.  I will show you how to do that in my next post.  They would be fun to add in the background of the Halloween Fairy Garden.

Halloween, pumpkin, garden, house,
Fairy Halloween Pumpkin House in the Garden

This last fairy house is made with a real pumpkin. The instruction are here.  Such a cute little house with pinecones for the roof.

It looks so natural with the rock path and toad stools. The front door is made of twigs along with the ladder and windows.

I hope these ideas give you that creative push to get your fall season started in your fairy garden.  It will be some of the most fun you have had in a long time and your neighbors will want to come bring their friends to see it!

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You can Make a Fairy House out of a Rock!

You can Make a Fairy House out of a Rock!

painted fairy house on rock
Painted fairy on rock

I am thinking I need to start looking for rocks to make my own fairy house.  What an easy fun way to add more whimsy to your garden.

I have been looking at so many different pictures of these rock fairy houses and it doesn’t seem to matter what shape or size rock you have. I guess you pick a rock and let it tell you what it wants to be, hehe!

But seriously, I think one of the only things that is important would be that you make sure that you sit the rock down and see how it sits best without tipping over and then see if the surfaces you have are easy enough to paint.  Then you have a good rock house.

I’m going to show you some painted fairy house rocks with different shapes and sizes to get that creative fairy house part of the brain working!



I would start by giving the rock a good scrubbing to remove dirt and any grease or critters, then after it is good and dry maybe in the sun for a bit grab a pencil or pen and start the design.

Start with a door and a window or two. Then add the roof line or little gable over the door. Next, add some grass and flowers along the bottom. Don’t over think it!

tutorial painted rock fairy house |
DIY Painted Rock Fairie House

painted rock fairy house fairie house |
Purple Rock Fairy House

Look at this little purple fairy house. It is a roundish rock and the artist has made it look like a cottage with windows and a flowering tree.

This artist may be Greek…sorry I don’t know what the language is on her site but she has done really beautiful little fairy house. See her other houses here.

Get some craft paint. There are craft paints now that you can get that are made for pots or for outside use if you would like. They cost a little more and the colors are limited. But hey this isn’t a Picasso so get a few basic colors. If you decide to use the regular craft acrylic paint you will want to seal it with a good urethane to withstand sun and rain.

What ever you decide to choose have fun with it. Remember you can always paint over it until you get it right.


This red roof is quirky and fun with a bike and container of flowers out front. Its also a good size.

painted rock fairy house with bike
Rock fairy house with bike

This rock also was painted by the same artist with a red roof and stairs in the front. Cute little dog house and dog waiting for its fairy owner to come home!

painted rock fairy house red roof and dog |
Rock Fairy house painted with a red roof and dog

Below is a village on the beach. These fairy houses look simple to paint and shows that when you put them all together the result is fun! Well I’m out the door. Going rock hunting!

painted rock beach fairy village
Painted Rock Beach Fairy Village



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