Fairie Rooms I want to Live in!

Fairie Rooms I want to Live in!

If I were a Fairie I would want to live in a snug, enchanting room in a tree surrounded by little lights and wonderful unique furniture that would be made by fairy artisans of the finest woods. I have compiled some of the best Fairie rooms around!

The kitchen is the heart of the home so this is where the tour begins!

Fairie Kitchen

This entryway is full of a fairies favorite things. Great art, loved objects and a unique lamp.

Fairy Entryway

A beautiful corner in this fairy house with flowers on the walls and a vignette of favorite loved things.

Fairy Corner

This sitting room has two beautiful chairs to sit and chat on those cool nights in front of the fire.

Fairy room with Fireplace

This last bedroom is a little different. It isn’t as earthy as the other rooms but is a unique French Style room. Goes to show the varied styles of the fairies.

Fairy Bedroom in the French Style

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